Kaelriyu - Ancient Ties Stir

End of Usai

The heroes slay Usai and reveal Korin's devious plot

The heroes advanced through the dugeon, navigating a puzzle in a large compass chamber then encountering several abominations of nature. Continuing along the path they find the man responsible…

Usai Helbit, Korin of Windshadow’s very brother.

Using Usai’s alchemical knowledge to destroy his lands crops on purpose without leaving traces of true magic, he planned to extort money from his people in order to hire false mercenaries to deal with the problem, only for Usai to recreate the blight once again later on.

The party could not agree on what to do with the alchemist, but ultimately the man lost his life, and the crystal taken from its place before the blight could be reversed. The crops must now regrow naturally.

One they exited, they were greeted by Shai Adae who was awaiting their return, and for them to hand over the crystal. The group decided to keep the crystal, as her threats to take the crystal by force were unfounded.

Once they returned, they revealed Korin and Usai’s plans who were incarcerated by the town guard, and Windshadow was turned over to Lady Raeka Helbit of only 15 years. Windshadow must now evacuate, its people abandoning its home, and attempt to relocate to its rival settlement, Ashkan.

The party is now taking a ship towards Rena Ciel, a town recently captured by Cientoria.


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