Kaelriyu - Ancient Ties Stir

Enter Windshadow

The party arrived in Windshadow to despair. It’s crops dying by some unknown blight, they were approached by the town’s guard captain, Derik Arkor, and asked to investigate the strange activity on the northern road, to see if it has anything to do with the towns current troubles. The adventurers they hired with tax revenue missing, the party agreed to act in their stead for no pay.

After dispatching bandits protecting the path for some reason, they arrived at an abandoned flour mill to see an old acquaintance, Shai Adae, surrounded by corpses of some iron-plated dog-like creature. Battered and fatigued, she requested that the party act in her stead in recovering a powerful crystal hidden inside. Splug and Shai remained behind as the party descended into a hidden elevator into a lost dungeon.


shaybryder shaybryder

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