Kaelriyu - Ancient Ties Stir

Saviors of Rena Ciel

The party rises from their defeat to free an entire kingdom.

After their fateful encounter with Diaz, the party found themselves in the care of Alicia Milbourne, the daughter of the late head priest of Rena Ciel. Unable to move on after her fathers demise just prior to the events that caused its dead to become unable to pass on, she moved onto a cottage on the cliffs just south of New Town. It then came to light that Splug was not really Splug, but a doppelganger in disguise by the name of Yotoka Mariko. Given his loyalty thus far, the party had no qualms allowing the doppelganger to continue to join them on their travels.

Deciding to put their revenge on Diaz on hold due to a lack of information, they put their sights on freeing the captured Rena Ciel. The party decided to split up: Twicky the Rogue head back to Rena Ciel, while the rest of the party made their way to Crossroads to attempt to gather reinforcements. There, 2 of them made their way to the central spire and spoke with its lord, Traekael Dukrae. After a lengthy discussion, the 2 emmisaries managed to convince Traekael to send his forces to aid the undead swarm from Old Town in a pincer-style attack. Splitting the forces of Cientoria in such a manner devastated their ranks, and made the party’s advance to the lords manner much easier. There, they met the leader of the occupation of Rena Ciel, Lord Fran Monroux. After taking him down, along with the mass confusion of the combined forces of Crossroads and Old Town, the Cientorian forces abandoned and retreated to Sita de’Ferro.

Now, the party has several options, but may find themselves motivated to get their revenge upon the evil Diaz.


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