Kaelriyu - Ancient Ties Stir

The party falls

The party succumbs to the terrible power of Diaz

The party, after felling the dragon, were gravely wounded. Although most of the party could go on, they were forced to return to town in order to find reinforcements, and also let Splug join them on the front lines.

They found that the cave led them to a crypt, and many fell to the powerful undead lying within. With the Warlock’s amazing recovery, he managed to revive the party, who interestingly became zombies upon death. Back in action, they felled the undead and upon inspecting the crypt further, encountered the fallen king of Rena Ciel.

The party promised to rid Rena Ciel of Cientorian’s forces, in exchange for trying to allow him to pass on with his brother’s aid. Their escape from the crypt however was marred by undead forces turning upon their necromancer, and then the party themselves. After defeating the final undead forces, they met a figure they’ve only heard about till now.


Their attempts to run fruitless, the party ultimately fell to his inhuman power. Just before the last of the heroes fell, the Warlock heard him say “and that makes three…”


shaybryder shaybryder

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