Kaelriyu - Ancient Ties Stir

The story so far

A summery

The party, traveling to the town of Winterhaven, came to settle their own agenda’s. However, they soon found that a greater evil was behind all the goings on, in the form of Kalarel, a cultist bent on unleashing his death god, Orcus, upon the land.

Before handling the fiend, the party began to investigate the area further. Discovering the ancient castle from which an old keep Winterhaven built upon originated, they found it contained a shocking array of ancient technology, including crystal engines and alchemy labs. Here, they encountered a group of Shadar-Kai, natives to the shadowfell, attempting to extract a large crystal they referred to as a “gatecrystal.”

These shadar-kai, along with black-scaled kobalds and a fierce young dragon, appeared to all be under the command of a mysterious figure named Diaz, who appeared to be using Kalarel.

Although the party managed to steal the gatecrystal from them, its capture was short lived as its host fell victim to Kalarel’s dark gate during the final battle. It’s two remaining members quickly recruited more help, and decided move on, their job complete.

Arriving at Konschat, the party rescued a small boy, Smitty McKraken, from a group of fierce drakes. Once the Caravan they traveled with began to depart, they arrived in Windshadow.


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