Seeks to increase her renown and coin purse off the coattails of others.


Hailing from a fairly large Cientorian city called Sita de’Ferro, she seeks to see more of the world. Sent to aid a knight to scout the region of Winterhaven to determine its eligibility for conquest, she and the knight joined the party in the hopes to become a famous and wealthy adventurer.

She has a quiet, ditzy personality and prefers to follow close behind, and rarely gets too close to foes. She can be stubborn at times, and sometimes offers advice to the party.

Although not interested in treasure, she does find gold a good motivator.

As the party made their trip to Rena Ciel, Camiya and the silver knight have traveled with the evacuees from Windshadow, aiming to protect them on their journey, as well as cross to Adent by land with travel by ship impossible.


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