A sniveling servantile goblin most gracious to the PC's for saving his life. Follows his masters loyally and unquestioningly.


Imprisoned for reasons not quite known, the PC’s encountered him by chance just as he was about to be tortured, and likely killed.

In exchange for saving his life, Splug has offered himself as a servant to the party, carrying their excess gear as well as providing moral support.

Upon a fateful encounter with Diaz, Splug was revealed to be a Doppelganger in disguise by the name of Yotoka Mariko. Imprisoned once Kalarel discovered his identity, he tailed the party in the hopes it would give him the opportunity to see to Kalarel’s demise and foil his plans. However, once it became apparent that a figure named Diaz was pulling the strings for nefarious means, Yotoka Mariko continued to continue his guise of Splug in the hopes he could find more information.


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