Yotoka Mariko

A doppelganger from the northwest. Seeks to investigate the rise of Diaz.

Yotoka Mariko 8 Swordmage n/a n/a
Name Level Class Paragon Path Epic Destiny
Doppelganger Medium 31 5’11 162 Neutral None n/a
Race Size Age Height Weight Alignment Deity Adventuring Company
Initiative x Defense Score Movement Passive Insight Passive Perception
7 x AC 27 6 22 15
STR 14 FORT 16
CON 15
DEX 16 REF 19
INT 21
WIS 13 WILL 20
CHA 16
Max HP Bloodied Surge Value Surges/Day
72 36 18 10
6 Acrobatics
14 Arcana
5 Athletics
9 Bluff
12 Diplomacy
5 Dungeoneering
5 Endurance
5 Heal
9 History
12 Insight
12 Intimidate
5 Nature
5 Perception
9 Religion
6 Stealth
7 Streetwise
6 Thievery
Race Features
  • +2 int, +2 cha
  • +1 will
  • Change Shape
Class/Path/Destiny Features
  • +2 will
  • Aegis of Assault
  • Swordbond (+2 Vicious Scimitar)
  • Swordmage Warding
  • Ritual Caster
  • Intelligent Blademaster
  • Weapon Focus (Heavy Blade)
  • Defensive Mobility
  • Armor Proficiency (Hide)
At-Will Powers
  • Change Shape
  • Aegis of Assault
  • Booming Blade
  • Lightning Lure
Encounter Powers
  • Flame Cyclone
  • Incendiary Sword
  • Electrified Lash
Daily Powers
  • Frost Backlash
  • Swordmage Shielding Fire
Utility Powers
  • Dimensional Warp
  • Armathers Step
Magic Items
  • +2 vicious scimitar
  • +2 sunleaf leather armor
  • Bag of Holding

Yotoka Mariko hails from the Mariko clan, resting just south of the Dragonborn Kingdoms. The Mariko clan has set itself up to be the defenders of the Westlands, and has effectively united the Dragonborn Kingdoms, as well as foiled many of Cientoria’s plans to conquer the western region. With the aid of the Suranae clan to the east aiding in the unification of the feral Shifters, these doppelgangers plan to act as an underground and hidden force bent on preserving peace and individual rule. Mariko and Suranae are in constant battle with the many other clans that seek more self-inclined goals, as well as doppelganger forces in league with Cientoria.

Doppelgangers are discouraged to posses a “true” identity, so are issued a given name at birth, and adopt their clan’s name as a surname. Doppelgangers are more clan-based than family based, so they usually do not have family names. If they do, it precedes their surname (Yotoka Ael Mariko, for example) That said, Doppelganger societies are very hospitable and considerate to their own kind, as most spend their days outside of their home during missions. Those that do stay at home are rarely within city limits, ruthlessly keeping the location of their cities secret, under the guise of common bandits. Doppelganger societies are gender-neutral (as a clan can be led as commonly by a chieftain as a chieftainess), but still posses gender roles. Despite being able to assume many forms, naturally male doppelgangers are encouraged to study as many social aspects shown by other males, and vice versa for females, so that they can easily and effectively adapt into any social setting, and the gender of the doppelganger is one of many considerations when sent out on missions. Even though Doppelgangers can assume any form, like any race, they naturally fit into certain social persuasions, and clan leaders take these into account.

Yotoka Mariko, a seasoned Doppelganger, “graduated” with high honors, namely for his aggressive nature in battle, as well as his willingness to abuse his shape-shifting prowess with little care to the consequences that fell on others. For this, he was offered the Morphers Band, a necklace that enhances a doppelgangers shapeshifting to allow the doppelganger to assume small and large forms.

Having a strong will, silent demeanor, and combat strength led Yotoka to be sent on many missions that suited that behavior, namely infiltrating cults, religious gatherings, and dangerous theocratic societies such as gnoll and kobald communities. By tipping off the guards around such communities and botching the beastmen’s plans, Yotoka led to the fall of many such uprisings surrounding the Mariko and Ygrad regions.

As of now, Yotoka has been sent out to infiltrate a cult of Orcus chapter led by Kalarel, who had been chased out of the Westlands. Fearing that Kalarel may exact his revenge on their communities, Yotoka has been dispatched to join his forces and undermine their activity. Kalarel managed to discover Yotoka when raising the dead, noting there was one extra goblin corpse. Identifying the corpse as Splug, Yotoka under his guise was captured and subjected to torture. Fortunately, prior to his torture and death, the party managed to rescue him.

As the party advanced, Yotoka kept his guise, as before the fall of Kalarel, it became apparent that another force was at work, using Kalarel’s plan to release Orcus as a means to breach the barrier between the Material real and the Shadowfell, for what means he’s unsure. This figure, Diaz, was apparently attempting to mass the forces of material darkness, as well as capture what his mercenaries reffered to as a gatecrystal. One of 12 said to exist, they’re supposed to be able to breech a so-called paradise. As it is just a legend, Yotoka brushed it off, but enough crystals of that size could easily create a permanent portal linking our world with the Shadowfell. Seeing as how the party, whether they intend to or not are constantly botching Diaz’s plans, Yotoka plans to travel with the party for now, as sooner or later, this Diaz will present himself, and his opportunity will come.

Yotoka Mariko

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